Saturday, April 3, 2010

No shop this time

I can only spend a small amount of time on the computer every day and I'd rather play a game or try to find some bargains on ebay. But every Saturday morning I spend about 15 minutes checking out some of the new shops on Etsy to see if there is something that I get excited about to feature on this blog.

I find plenty of shops that have some really cool stuff! I found one that make me laugh so hard I almost fell off my chair! They make soaps that look like breasts! Yes, you read correct - or in other words... boob soaps. :-) I found another shop that had the absolute most adorable baby caps. I was impressed with the shop that had all chain mail jewelry... especially an awesome cuff in two shades of bronze and gold.

So here I'm thinking... cool! I can feature this shop this week, the other next week and I'll be set for a while. Well, after the last two shops that I featured that didn't have any profile or shop policies, I'm not really convinced that these shop owners are really serious about selling their items. Oh, I'm sure they hope to make a few sales, but without any policies or a profile, how am I supposed to recommend them as a trustworthy shop? Do they take returns? What happens if my stuff breaks in the mail? Do they take other payments other than paypal?

So, here I am without a shop to feature. I'll need to spend a little more time on this, hunting for impressive items that have policies and a nice profile that I can read. :-)

In the mean time, I'll try to get some of the pics I've taken of my own stuff to brag about and get them edited. It may take another few weeks, but I'll slowly get to it. :-)