Saturday, February 21, 2009

Undiscovered shop

This beauty is from the Magical Beadstalk Etsy shop. Isn't it beautiful? It's made entirely of amethyst and Bali silver. The clasp is sterling. I just love it!

I've been working so much with purples lately that I've fallen in love with the color. It's so complex and not so easy to match - so when I see a bracelet like this, with perfectly matching stones, I really have to give the designer credit. Awesome job Magical Bead! :-) :-)

What really made this bracelet stand out - even when I thought it was made of onyx or some kind of black bead instead of amethyst, was the little Bali silver spacers in between. I love those little daisy spacers and try to use it on a lot of my own creations.

You really need to check out this shop. It doesn't have too much but the few items she has in there are just breath taking. :-)

Please consider supporting a shop with little or no sales. These shops can really use the encouragement! :-) I know that I did! :-)

Take care,


Thursday, February 12, 2009

My new creation

So here she is... finally! At last! This baby has taken what seems like forever and a half and three quarters to complete... I started this baby sometime last year - in the summer? - but don't know exactly when. I purchased the beads to match the awesome colors in the Tiger Jasper bead that I found.

This necklace was definitely a labor of love... I had started it when my arm was feeling okay, not great, but okay. See, I was in so much pain back then that I could hardly do any type of crochet at all. I was making little bracelets which were easier on my hands so I had to put this aside.

About three months ago I found out that our health insurance would cover chiropractic services (yippee!) so I started visiting one... and many torturous sessions later, I started to feel a little better. I tried to play with other types of crochet to see how much
I could handle, and started adding more and more techniques each day. :-) :-) There was still a lot that I couldn't do, but this necklace was just sitting there - teasing me every time I looked at my unfinished box, just begging to be completed.
So a couple weeks ago I finally sat down and did what I could do pain free... I started to string what I needed of the beads to complete the rope. I think I strung about 10 feet worth. :-) No pain! :-) :-) I then took out my crochet hook and joined the threads to continue where I had left off. A bit of discomfort, but no pain! :-) :-) I was so excited that first day I actually worked on this for almost 30 minutes... then just because I have to, I put it down to not kill myself.

I woke up the next day sore, but not in pain, so I decided to let my hands and arm rest for the next couple of days - which actually turned into a week. Then on Tuesday I finally finished off the rope! I was so excited! I only had a few inches left to crochet and I had actually done it! :-) :-)
I ran across the street to the bead shop and got a couple bead caps, spacers and two of the most perfect red beads that tied the whole thing together. This is my necklace... my Russian loop bead crochet necklace that took me longer to make than any other jewelry item I've started. I keep getting asked if I'm going to sell it on my Etsy shop... I really don't know... I can really use the money, but who is really going to want to pay the $200 price tag that I'll put on it? I calculated that this baby took about 12 hours to make... and the formula of taking a multiple of the supply costs should be the selling price. No, not here. I'd rather keep it than not get paid what this items is really worth.
I keep running to so many people that work for hours on their items that they sell for just pennies above their supplies cost. It makes me sad that they don't value their own time.... but that's for another post....
Take care,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's still not too late for a free bracelet!

Last month I announced a contest to win a free bracelet. I've had 9 people respond on how they were going to spread the word that bead crochet is not dead! :-) :-)

Well, since then I've had 1 sale - but I still need 4 more to pick out that first winner. I've had more people following since I made that initial post, so if you believe that bead crochet is NOT dead, spread the word! Leave me a comment, email me, send a courier pigeon - whatever it takes to let me know how you'll spread the word and get more interested in either purchasing bead crochet or learning the technique themselves. :-) I'll add you to the list and once we get to 5 sales from my shop, I'll do a random drawing for a winner. :-) :-)

The winner will have a custom bracelet just made for them. Their colors, their size. :-) :-)

When you get your information to me, please include your name, email and/or site where I can get a hold of you if you win. :-) :-)

Okay, now it's your turn to tweet, blog, chat, or post on your wall that bead crochet is not dead! :-) :-)

Take care,


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Free beaded ring!!!

Okay, I've been working like crazy to get some new stuff up in my shop and here is one! I just learned how to make these little rings on Friday from a friend of mine. I've been going like crazy they're so much fun to make! :-) :-) Here is a selection of just a few of what I made.

Now, here is the exciting part. I loved making these so much that I have way too many for myself now! :-) So, with each bracelet or necklace purchase in my shop, you will get a free ring! It will be limited to what I have on hand though.

If you really like the look of these little beauties, you can order a custom ring! Just let me know what your color preferences are, size and which style you'd like, and I'll make a ring just for you. :-) :-) Here are the styles:

I really wish I was able to get a clearer picture of this baby. This is the butterfly. This ring is made with a black bead base with a pink/fuchsia center and blue wings. Pick out as many colors as you want and I'll make your own little butterfly ring. :-)

This is the twisted ring. Two colors twisted together. It's the most fun to make so it's also the style I have the most of. If you order a necklace or bracelet, this will be the style you'll most likely end up with. :-) Just let me know what your color preferences are for the free ring and I'll see if I have one already made or one that may be close enough to substitute. :-)

I don't know how to describe this one other than wreath. I made this one with multiple shades of green and yellow 'thingies'. I just make them, I don't know the technical terms. :-)

I call this one chain. It kind of reminds me of links in a row... making a chain. :-) Choose as many colors as you want on this one. You can make the chain one color or two like I did here. It's all up to you. :-)
I'm working on some other bracelets that take a bit more time than these rings and hope to have them up in the next week or so. I've also fallen in love with another ring that is made with crystals and silver wire but I need new cutters really bad so that is on the back burner until I can afford a good set. Anyone have an extra that you're willing to part with for really cheap? :-) :-) :-)
I hope you enjoy my new rings!
Take care,

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More undiscovered shops!

These adorable little dogs are from Paperquick on Etsy. These would be so perfect for scrapbooking!!! I thought of my son when I saw them and seriously thought about getting them - but then I remembered... I don't do scrapbooking!!! At least not yet. I see all kinds of goodies on Etsy and items like this really makes me think about it. :-) :-)

Not only does Paperquick have adorable scrapbooking goodies like this, but she has such an incredible selection of cards! Looking for thank you cards for a baby shower? She has cards that look like baby bottles!!! :-) Oh, everything is so cute and adorable in this shop that I know you'll enjoy just browsing... like I was doing for about 20 minutes before I started writing this post. :-) :-) :-) Here is her link:

Now this shop shows so much talent in all areas it makes me jealous! The earrings pictures above are from Wireknot and not only does she have beautiful jewelry, but she has some awesome paintings as well! :-) I know how to make some jewelry, but I can't even paint a room without messing up! :-) I'm impressed with the wire work on the jewelry... because working with wire is hard on the hands... and to top that off, it's hammered to give the flat shape. That's even harder on the hands. No wonder Wireknot also paints! She needs something else to do that won't kill her hands! :-) :-) :-)

Wireknot has items in all price categories and taking into consideration the kind of work that goes into making some of these pieces, they seem reasonably priced to me. Fall in love with an item and help this shop make her first sale. Here is her link:

I'll have more shops soon! I've been getting some awesome requests lately from others that have very low or no sales that would like to be featured.... so I've been busy! :-) :-) If there is a way I can help anyone I'll happily do it... and featuring other shops that are in the same situation that I'm in is my humble way of doing what I can.

Enjoy the shops!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Contest update and Undiscovered Shop


Just wanted to keep you all updated on the contest so far. I've had one sale so far... which means 4 more to go to pull a name for the free bracelet. :-) :-) So keep getting the word out that bead crochet is not dead and win a free bracelet! :-) :-)

I just found the most adorable little shop on Etsy! The picture above is "little girl reading book" and it's hand crafted completely of polymer. Isa17d, the person who created this little beauty, describes the time intensive process in the description - and I have to admit that I'm quite impressed! It take true talent to make something this adorable. :-) Just like the other shops that I've mentioned on my blog, this shop is still waiting for it's first sale. I hope that my little blog here will make a bit of a difference. :-) Here is a link to the shop:

I've been working on some new creations lately so I haven't been able to twitter, blog or do much of anything really, but I hope that once I get some of these new beauties photographed and up that I will see some new activity in my shop. :-) :-)

If you're a shop with very little or no sales and would like to be featured, please post a comment or send me an email:

Take care!