Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Once Upon A Tree

Wow, I can't believe a month has already passed since my last post!!!

So here is what has happened since - I've been helping a group of high school sophomores with a portion of one of their projects to raise money to help save the forests in Colorado and northern Arizona. One of their fund raising projects was to make crochet water bottle cozies and jewelry made out of unwanted beads and thread. They did such an awesome job and I am so proud of them.

They also learned to make bracelets and necklaces out of pop-tabs as well as origami flowers that were a huge hit at their Valentine's Day dance last month. I can't believe the dedication and time that they put into this project and still keep up with their studies and homework! They have some pictures up on their website and Face book page... check them out:!/pages/Once-Upon-a-Tree/153851691311979

I've lost count on how many plastic bags and pop tabs they collected, but if you can see their pictures on the Face book page, you can see the pile! It was amazing... I believe they are going to be donating the extra tabs and bags to appropriate recycling centers to make sure they do not go into the landfill.

I think one of my favorite pictures on their FB page is when they are making that probably now very infamous 'plarn' - plastic shopping bags cut up into strips thin enough to crochet with. They made so much plarn that I'm sure that they go into a slight panic any time they hear the crinkle of plastic shipping bags. As for me, I will always think of them and their smiley faces. :-)

I hope some of the pictures from their FB page get passed to their main web site because they are just so much fun to see. Even the stories that these girls have about their first challenge are awesome and so much fun to listen to. I will miss then terribly and hope that they will consider coming to one of our Cactus Stitchers meetings to visit. I still have two more plarn totes to make for the group so I may be calling them with a need for more plarn..... bwahhh haaa haaa haaa haa!! :-) :-) Just kidding girls, I have enough! :-) :-)