Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's in store for 2011! :-)

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the new year like I am and getting ready to get back to work tomorrow. :-) My son goes back to school on Tuesday, so I'm going to try to get myself organized tomorrow so I can get some serious work started then. :-)

So what's in store for me in 2011? Well, I've been very lucky and am teaching at the Fiber Factory again through April. I've had them add a couple evening classes as well so I hope to get even more people addicted to bead crochet!! :-) :-)

I have another small design for South West Trading Company that I still need to turn in, so I hope that it will be available shortly after that. :-) I've been having so much fun playing with their new yarns! :-) I'm finding myself knitting a little more now but not to worry - my strength for designing is still with crochet, so I'll still work on getting those designs out to ya. :-)

I'm still working with my chiropractor on trying to keep my arm healthy and working properly, though I still have my bad days - but I'm so happy to report that the bad days are coming less often. :-) :-) Unfortunately crochet does not really help and does make me a bit sore, but I still love playing with my hooks and yarn or thread and crochet does speak to me a little more. :-) :-) :-)

Also, I'm still totally addicted to working with those beads. :-) I've gotten a few new ideas during the holiday break and will be keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to develop those ideas into actual classes soon. Just need to get Caeden off to school so I can work on them undisturbed. :-) :-) Though I still miss my son like crazy while he's at school, I'm glad that I have my design work to help keep my mind busy. :-) While Bunny is home, I know that I can count on her for her sometimes too honest opinions and feedback. Yes, she will be my unfortunate first student on my experimental classes. Let's see if she walks or runs back to school when I'm done with her. :-) :-) I really do miss her while she's off to school. To think how many times I needed a guinea pig and she's not around? I love her company more than anything, but as a kid that can do any craft presented to her but doesn't like it, I know I can count on her brutal feedback and love her more for it. :-) :-)

So here's to the new year filled with plans, hopes and dreams. My main wish is that everyone else’s new year will be as busy and happy as I plan mine to be. :-) :-)

Take care,