Friday, August 6, 2010

My Classes :-)

Okay, I think I deserve some bragging rights here. I proposed 9 classes to my local yarn shop, Fiber Factory in Mesa, and got all 9 accepted!! :-) :-) I was so happy that I was speechless! So here I am to do some bragging and show off some of my classes. :-)

I've played with this bead crochet technique long before I knew it had an official name, Russian Loop or Turkish Loop. This beauty was made with 6mm bugle beads and size 11/0 seed beads. The whole body of the lariat is crocheted but the ends are beaded fringe. I will be teaching this class in two, two hour parts on October 22 and 29. The first two hours will be learning how to strings the beads and how to start making this beauty. Since there is a bit or repetitiveness and not enough time to finish the whole thing, you will take home the rest of the project to finish at home, then come back for part 2. This lesson you will learn to put the lariat together using focal beads and bead caps and learn to make the beaded fringe. :-)

Because this technique is done with really small beads and thread, it's a good idea if you have some bead crochet experience, or are familiar with thread work. :-) I've tried to teach a total beginner this technique, but it took almost 10 hours of 1 on 1 instruction to get her up to speed. I know that the 4 hours I've scheduled for this class will be more than enough time to learn to complete the project. :-)

This little necklace is made with a cord that is used in Romanian cord lace. If you've never seen this type of lace, it's breath taking! :-) Here is a link of just one example of this lace technique:

Well, I can't teach now to make the actual lace project, but I can teach how to make the cord that is used for the base on this needle lace technique. Learn to add a few beads and you have a necklace! Or you can use as a purse strap or just about anything you need a cord for. :-)

This technique also requires some kind of crocheting experience. It's only a 2 hour class on October 8 so there will not be enough time to go over the basics that any experienced crocheter should already know. It should be more than enough time to start and finish the necklace and answer any questions. One of my past students used this technique with a larger size nylon thread to make herself a cord to hold her reading glasses. She got so many compliments at work on this that she started her own small business making and selling these glasses cords. :-) You really can do so much with this little cord. :-)

This is a bead crochet rope. This is an example for my advance bead crochet rope class. This class is not a project class, it is more of a math and idea class where you can learn to calculate how many beads and thread you may need to make a necklace like the one pictured here. You will also learn how to read patterns or create your own. If you only want to make a bead crochet rope a little more fancy with a focal bead, I'll teach you the best way that I have found to attach that bead and keep it nice and tight. There will be lots of swatching and calculating in class, so make sure you bring your notebook, beads and thread, crochet hooks and most important, you ideas! :-) :-) This class is scheduled for November 5.

I'll post more pictures next week of three more classes and tell you all about them. I'm so excited to be able to share them! :-)