Saturday, June 23, 2007

Taking it easy. :-)

I've been slowing down - a lot! - on my designing after last month's hectic work load. :-) Not that I'm complaining, because I had a lot fun. :-) I've been working on some fun hats with the last bit left of the Pure yarn, and finishing up a purse made out of the SWTC mystery yarn. :-) It's been nice to go to bed early with my son - since he usually wakes me up around 5:30 am - and I just love to cuddle with him when he's in his 'almost completely asleep, but still a little awake' stage. That is the only time I can cuddle with the little bugger! :-)

So, since I'm almost done with these three designs, I've been thinking about trying out that awesome sparkly yarn again - but this time in crochet. I found out what that yarn is called too... it's called Yang. There is a similar yarn but without the sequence called Yin that I'd also love to play with... but don't have any (yet). :-)

I hope that the next time I go to SWTC that I get the opportunity to either play with another new yarn called Las Vegas, or a chance to finally play with a Tofutsies ball - since this yarn has gotten so popular I'm not sure if my non-sock designing hands will be able to obtain some. I'll just have to see. :-)

Well, back to work! :-)


Monday, June 11, 2007

New type of baby seat

My silly son decided that he liked the cone of yarn that Jonelle let me borrow as a new seat. While I was working on a project he came into my craft room and just plopped himself down and started talking to me as if it were completely normal. :-) He's here making his 'funny face' for the camera. If you can see the yarn, can you see the beautiful sparkleys in it? The yarn was so fun to work with. I made a small wrap with huge needles and it took almost no time at all. :-) I want to try making something similar with crochet. I don't want to post any pics yet of the wrap - at least not until I get the okay from SWTC... but you can keep an eye out for the yarn at their website - and you can sign up for their newsletter while you're at it too. I can't tell you when the pattern for the wrap will be out either, but I'll keep my blog updated with any info as I learn it myself. :-)

Take care,


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Knit n' Style is publishing my designs!

Wow, it's been a while since I posted last. My whole month of May was so busy! Hardly got any sleep, my son went to Grandma and Grandpa's a whole lot and my poor house still hasn't recovered from being neglected. Anyone want to come over and help me dust? :-)
Okay, I was working with SWTC again getting some quick project ideas going and from what I can remember, this is what I made:

10 Ruffle and Crochet Loops bracelets along with written patterns for each of the different finishing ideas and closures
1 Crochet necklace with beads
5 Knitted necklaces with various finishes and their matching rings (both knit and crochet)
9 Small bobbles to hang off of those cool little metal bookmarks in both knit and crochet
1 Small wrap in one of SWTC's newest yarns with these cool little sparkles in it :-)

I had so much fun playing with these ideas... and even though the projects are really quick to make, it's amazing how much design time is used on these little buggers. I had to make various of these project and made little minute changes each time in order to make sure they wore well, didn't look too small or bulky, or didn't change shape too much with wear.

My family had to almost kidnap me to get out of the house to watch Spider-man 3, but I went - wearing about 6 of the different bracelets that I was testing the designs! So, it either looked like I was wearing the strangest arm brace in the world, or it looked like I had some kind of weird growth on my wrists - and all the way up to just below my elbow. :-) I got some strange looks, but I really didn't care - I was working and loving every minute of it. :-)

I'm now working on two projects - a hat that is made with a similar stitch as some my of crochet bracelets, and a little purse with some really cool 'mystery' yarn that I was asked to try out. Remember all of those cables that I was playing with a couple months ago? Well, I finally put that practice to use. :-)

Oh yeah, before I forget, I got an email during the time that TNNA was going on... Jonelle informed me that my silly little necklaces are getting a two page spread in the Knit n' Style Magazine!!! The bookmarks are suppose to make an appearance as well. The issue is due out in late October - so it's a little while from now... but I'll keep you all informed as the time gets closer. :-) :-)

My little bracelets are also being distributed as free patterns (with yarn purchase) at yarn shops that carry SWTC yarns. :-) I'm not sure when they will be available, but I'm sure that you local shop will be informed when they do become available. :-)

I can't believe that my designs are starting to appear! Yarn shops, magazine... wow, what's next?

I have to be honest here about what I'm feeling as I have of all of this happening.... though I still get teary eyed about no longer being able to work in accounting, I think the tears come more from the awesome experience and opportunity that I'm being given. I never knew of a yarn company picking up and mentoring a no-name designer with a few ideas but such little experience. I consider myself so blessed have gotten to know Jonelle, her family and crew at SWTC. I am learning so much and hope that in another year or two that I'll be able to understand this industry well enough to really start working on getting my designs out and hopefully be able to start teaching again. :-) I'm just starting and can't wait to see where this ride is going to take me. :-) :-) :-) :-)

I hope that for my next post that I'll have some pictures of my designs. There was a snippet about two of my designs in Jonelle's SWTC newsletter, and one of my ruffle bracelets is on the SWTC website ( under the patterns section, Vicky Howell collection yarns. It's funny how different the project looks with professional photography. :-)

Anyway, I better get myself back to work.

Take care,