Monday, April 21, 2008

All Done!

I finally finished!!! And here it is - all done. Now the person that this is going to has more shoulder than I do so it should fit her a lot better. But I have to tell you that I love the way this top feels!!! I didn't really want to take it off. I'll have to eventually make myself a top out of Bamboo one of these days. :-)

I have a few other pictures... the front completed, the back completed and the sleeves. I also took pics of the assembly process... you can actually see that I pinned the pieces before crocheting them together! :-)

I'm not sure if you can see the pins, but I pinned the front and back together first, then crocheted them together. I then took each sleeve and pinned them in place making sure that one didn't hang differently from the other. It took a bit more patience, but I didn't have to rip anything out afterwards. :-)
I was a little dissapointed with myself because I really pushed myself to get this done - and pushed myself beyond my limiatations. I should have taken an extra week of two and not tortured my arm but instead I ended up with a fron that had a bit of a wider gauge than I had anticipated. So I had an extra 4 inches on the front. I just hope that the person that I'm giving this to can find those little clip thingies that can be clipped to the back to reduce the width those few inches. I have to say though, that the looser gauge felt even better than my original gauge. :-) I may have to do the loosy goosy gauge for my own top if and when I get around to it. :-)
I'm off to take more pics of some of my other projects... including some natural dyeing from I class I took last weekend! :-)
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