Friday, March 20, 2009

Undiscovered Shop

This cute little bracelet is from a fellow UWIB member,
amosaicstudio. I fell in love with the neutral colors in this bracelet and I love the beads! :-) The beads are all fused glass and I believe that she even makes her own fused glass beads! :-) :-)
The colors remind me so much of the Neutral Pink bead crochet bracelet in my own shop... so of course I'd naturally lean towards favoring this item over everything else in her shop. :-) :-)
Please check out this shop... there are so many little items in there and I know that you'll fall in love with her work. :-) :-)
I saw that the artisian, Laura Aiken was featured in an episode of "That's Clever" - wow! How cool is that!!! So please show your support and give her some business or hearts! :-) :-)

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Laura K. Aiken said...

YAY for ME Yay for ME! Thank you Pinka for the nice highlights. Yes my bracelet is fused glass by me. These bracelets are so fun to make. I'll have some new pieces soon. Thank you for getting in touch! Laura.