Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Undiscovered Shop

Okay, it's been almost a year since I've posted anything on this blog... and oh boy, it's been a year. But that's for another blog, not for this one which I want to fill with art and talents from all over the Internet - mainly Etsy. :-) :-)

This shawl is from a shop that I found on Etsy that has one had her first sale yet. The shop's name is Crochet by Lynn and I can tell that Lynn is a very talented crocheter. Yes, I crochet as well, but can no longer make these kind of wonderful items as much as my hands try lying to me that they can. :-) :-) :-) This was my favorite item in her shop. Though she doesn't say in her description, it looks like it's made with crochet cotton - maybe a size 3 or 5 (if that means anything to anyone reading this) that has to be at least decent quality because it looks like it has a bit of a sheen. I wish Lynn would have written a little more about the materials other than that she used something called Royal Fashion thread - which I am personally not familiar with.

Another way that I can tell that Lynn is fairly talented is that she has chosen a pattern that has one of the stitches that most crocheters really hate to make - unless you're one of the few that just loves Irish crochet lace - and that is the dreadful picots. :-) I personally love picots and love to add them to edgings to my beaded crochet pouches. These stitches are time consuming and from the close up picture, it does look like they are all beautifully stitched and even. Yeah for Lynn!

I don't like to talk about price or how a person prices their items because that is all very personal, but I have to tell you that the price tag on this shawl is very reasonable... to the point of almost being underpriced for all of the work that went into this item. This shawl is definitely quality and not one of the junky items that you can find at chain stores selling for $10. If you want something made well, then you will find it with this seller. :-)

Please help Crochet by Lynn to make her first sale. Here is the link to this shawl as well as her shop:

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