Sunday, February 6, 2011

Helping Students...

I received an email last week from a student asking for crochet help. Well, being a crochet and knitting nut, I just had to find out what was up.

It turned out to be a group of students from a local school, Hamilton Prep, that are participating in a contest hosted by Lexus. They are competing against different schools around the country for scholarships by making items to sell with items that have been recycled.

One idea that has come up was to make water bottle totes made with plastic bag yarn (plarn) and cotton yarn. Another idea was to make bracelets and possibly necklaces with recycled and unwanted beads. :-) :-) It looks like there is a good amount of energy and enthusiasm with these students, being lead by their equally energetic and enthusiastic teacher. :-)

Here is a link of an article that a local newspaper wrote about it:

I worked on writing up a couple designs for this water bottle tote and a simple beaded bracelet but would love to have some feedback and testers. :-) I haven't made an actual sample yet (not enough time but will work on it hopefully while watching the game today) so any pictures would also be wonderful to have! :-) I'd love to post any pictures of your own water bottle tote to the blog with your name and location. :-)

If you've fallen in love making these totes, I'm sure the students from Hamilton Prep could use a few extra hands in making some. They only have until March 14 to raise their goal of $1500!

We are also in the need of unwanted beads and are willing to take any beads from unwanted jewelry as well. If you have any and would like to make a donation, please email me for more info. :-)

Please enjoy these free patterns! :-)


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