Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hidden Steel

Nope, I didn't download the third of the Fifty Shades book yet.  I need to slow down my spending a bit so that one will just have to wait.  It's not like I don't already know what's going to happen!  :-)  :-)

So, I've been reading some of the treasures that I somehow manage to download from Amazon for free!  The best price to pay for a book ever.  :-)  This time I read Hidden Steel by Doranna Durgin.  :-)  I looked up what else this writer has available, and it looks like she is a very established writer with a whole lot of books.  Yummy!  I can't get my hand on one of her other books because I like the way she writes!  :-)  :-)

This particular book is not really a genre that I really care to read - your Clancy-type-thriller kind of story with spies, CIA, FBI, ABC and whatever other kind of government agency you can think of.  I was humbled to not give this genre much of a chance after reading the first chapter of this book - it had me hooked!!!  The beginning did not start slow at all.  It was action from the first page to almost the very last.  :-)  :-)  I haven't actually read any Clancy or similar writers, but if they're like this, I may have to sneak in a book or two just to make sure.  :-)  We have a few books that were gifted to my hubby so it's not like I need to purchase them or anything.  :-)  My wallet and bank account are safe.  :-)

I think another reason that I really enjoyed this book was because of the main character - Mickey - yes, as in the mouse (and that line is used in the book).  She's playful, likes to dance with brooms, dance on the bed and sings about rainbows when she gets nervous.  All of that and she's an uber dangerous not-just-kicks-your-ass kind of lady.  I love her!  :-)  :-)  I love super strong characters like Mickey.  That was one of the reasons I put up with all of the romance stuff from the Anita Blake series - I really like to read about women that can kick butt.  :-)  :-)

Now, this book is considered a romance, but it's such a small part of the story that I think even a guy would approve of the story - unless he has a problem with her being more skilled at fighting and weapons than the guy she meets and becomes friends with. 

There are some really awesome parts of the story that really touched my heart.  Because Mickey needed money to get supplies for her next adventure and couldn't risk having a credit card tracked and that kind of stuff, she went out to where muggers would hide in the shadows to wait for their victims.  Then she would go and mug those muggers!  And she did it with a sling shot and a tank top hiding her face.  Now that's not what made me laugh - she tied the top of the tank top in a bow at the top of her head and cut out two eye holes so she could see.  :-)  :-)  She then turned in whatever wallets, purses and/or weapons that she was able to take off the muggers to the police, and use the cash to purchase what she needed.  Whatever she had left over, she would go to a store and buy necessities like toothbrushes, toilet paper, peanut butter and such and distribute them to the homeless people that helped her out at the very beginning of the book.

Now, even with all of this praise that I've written about this book, there was one small weakness that i found.  I was not impressed with the ending, but it didn't ruin the whole book for me.  I have a story for you about a ruined book because of the ending:  in 1992 when hubby and I were on our honeymoon, I read a fairly new book called Dance of the Dead by Christie Golden.  This was my first taste to the D&D world of Ravenloft and was drawn into this book not only from the curiosity, but was fascinated by this whole new world.  I was able to read this book in 1 day... and just about threw a fit (though my new husband at the time would say differently) with the final line of that story.  It was so disappointing that I hated that book since then.  I can't even look at the cover without pitching another fit.  So, endings are a bit of a big deal for me every since.  Thank goodness that even with this weaker ending, it was still good enough for me to not hate it.  :-)  :-)  If I were editing this book though, I would have asked for a different closing line because that line just about started making my eye twitch...  :-)  :-)

Now, I know my ramblings are not making all that much sense here, but you've got to give this book a try!  It's no longer being offered for free through Amazon, but it's still fairly cheap at $4.49.  It's not a very long book at 250-ish pages, so it's perfect for a short weekend read or traveling companion when you don't have anything else to do while at the airport.

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