Thursday, April 5, 2007


I finally finished my little beaded knitting purse! I sewed on the straps last night and wrote up the pattern. Oh my! The fabric feels so good! Knit fabric already feels really soft, but when you add beads, that bit of weight makes it feel slinky like... and really delicate. I love the way beaded knitting fabric feels - even though I bead crochet way more. But this little knit purse will hardly hold anything because it will stretch - which is my experience with knit purses unless it's felted. I guess that's why I like to bead crochet more for my purses. I think I'll try to make another version in crochet and see how it looks.

This is so hard to design something but not be able to post pictures. I have so many little purses that I've been having so much fun with and not being able to really share them with anyone is just about to kill me! :-)

But I do promise that once these little treasures start getting published that I will share as much information as I can. :-) I wonder now how long that process takes? That and so many more questions from this designer newbie. :-)

Take care

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