Monday, June 11, 2007

New type of baby seat

My silly son decided that he liked the cone of yarn that Jonelle let me borrow as a new seat. While I was working on a project he came into my craft room and just plopped himself down and started talking to me as if it were completely normal. :-) He's here making his 'funny face' for the camera. If you can see the yarn, can you see the beautiful sparkleys in it? The yarn was so fun to work with. I made a small wrap with huge needles and it took almost no time at all. :-) I want to try making something similar with crochet. I don't want to post any pics yet of the wrap - at least not until I get the okay from SWTC... but you can keep an eye out for the yarn at their website - and you can sign up for their newsletter while you're at it too. I can't tell you when the pattern for the wrap will be out either, but I'll keep my blog updated with any info as I learn it myself. :-)

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