Saturday, June 23, 2007

Taking it easy. :-)

I've been slowing down - a lot! - on my designing after last month's hectic work load. :-) Not that I'm complaining, because I had a lot fun. :-) I've been working on some fun hats with the last bit left of the Pure yarn, and finishing up a purse made out of the SWTC mystery yarn. :-) It's been nice to go to bed early with my son - since he usually wakes me up around 5:30 am - and I just love to cuddle with him when he's in his 'almost completely asleep, but still a little awake' stage. That is the only time I can cuddle with the little bugger! :-)

So, since I'm almost done with these three designs, I've been thinking about trying out that awesome sparkly yarn again - but this time in crochet. I found out what that yarn is called too... it's called Yang. There is a similar yarn but without the sequence called Yin that I'd also love to play with... but don't have any (yet). :-)

I hope that the next time I go to SWTC that I get the opportunity to either play with another new yarn called Las Vegas, or a chance to finally play with a Tofutsies ball - since this yarn has gotten so popular I'm not sure if my non-sock designing hands will be able to obtain some. I'll just have to see. :-)

Well, back to work! :-)


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