Monday, September 24, 2007

More Pictures!

Okay, so here is yet another crochet pattern of a purse made out of a ribbon yarn called Phoenix. This is a really fun yarn to play with and I just love the way the texture of the stitch just pops out. I suppose that any ribbon type of yarn would do the trick, but most of the ones that I've seen are variegated, and this stitch really does need a solid color. The other cool thing about this pattern is that it uses one of those annoying cds that you get in the mail and end up throwing away. Well, this little purse has a cd at the bottom for extra support and to help give the shape. I've heard it called the Hershey's Kiss purse - and if you could see the whole purse standing up with it's little cinched top, it kind of would have that kind of shape. :-) Just like my other crochet patterns, this is one of those patterns that I'd love to have other crocheters try out because I think it's such a fun stitch... but how many crocheters do you know that would pay more than $20 for such a small project? Yeah, even if you know some, I bet I know more that wouldn't. :-) :-) But I'd be willing to teach any knitter how to crochet - and even if they consider themselves a total loss for crocheting, I'm sure I could find a way to teach them. :-) :-)

Here is one of my first knit designs... and of course, it has beads! I LOVE working with beads! The purse is made out of my favorite - Pure - and size 6 gold beads - giving it the name of Hearts of Gold. :-) The pattern is actually very easy because it is not difficult to add beads to knitting in this way. :-) All you have to do is follow a chart for a bit - because the shape has some logic behind it, it is easy to learn it too. :-) Now, for bead knitters... I don't know very many, but the few that I've met are as crazy about beads and adding it to whatever touches their hands like I am. :-) So, if this pattern to get out to a bead knitter, I hope they enjoy making it and I'd love to see their project.

Here is another of my early knit patterns. It's a super simple to make bracelet that you can embellish any way you want... with buttons, beads or other knitted embellishments. This was a really fun pattern to make. My mind was going a million miles a second with ideas on what to try next! The pattern has four different ideas with pictures of each, and I'm sure that you'll be able to come up with something just as fun yourself. :-) If you do end up making something different, please email me your pictures! I'd love to see them.

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