Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I just couldn't finish the book....

I am the first to admit that I am easily amused. I can watch just about any kind of movie, I can listen to just about any kind of music... and I can read and enjoy just about any kind of book.
Unfortunately, I run into some books that even I can't finish. This is what happened to the latest book that I downloaded for free onto my Kindle... Dark Legacy by Anna DeStefano. Since Kindle does not have page numbers, all I can say is that I got 63% though the book - waiting for something a little more exciting to happen and I never saw it. I downloaded around 10 other books during the time that I've been trying to get through this one and my brain is just itching to get this book done and over with. So, I've decided to stop reading it and just leave it at that.
Now remember, I do like to spoil the story, so if you actually want to read this book and this bothers you, then please stop here. If you don't care, then keep reading... :-) :-)
Okay, so this book is supposed to be about what the title states - a dark legacy... but here is what really gets on my nerves. The writer does not reveal what this dark legacy is! It is only touched upon by the mother of these twins that have physic abilities. The mom is a total basket case and refuses to let the twins know what this legacy is... even after one of the twins is put into some super uber-secret experimental facility where they're doing all kinds of nasty dream-type of experiments on her. This resulted in the death of one innocent person and the other twin getting close to losing her mind.
Now, I never said or claimed to review this book, I'm just sharing my thoughts here, okay? So, my approach is not professional here... nor is it meant to be.
Okay, so the story starts off kind of interesting with the mention of a legacy that has something to do with the twins, and the one twin that was in a coma for 10 years is no longer in the coma, but is starting to control people in a dream-like state... making the person do stuff that they would normally not do. The program that she is involved in is called Dream Weaver or something like that. The doctor that is taking care of this twin is also part of another group called the Brotherhood - something else that is never explained either - and somehow he is trying to get this twin, Sarah, and her twin, Maddie (she's also a doctor) to this Brotherhood place for something that has to do with this gosh darn legacy.
It is impossible to really explain the story without sounding like a total idiot because there are too many holes. I can see what the writer is trying to do, but that 'dangle the carrot' thing does not work with me. I think this kind of story telling device is just weak... it leave too many holes in the story working up to this big reveal. I've read so many books using this same type of device before that were just a little shorter or more entertaining - but at the end, the big reveal almost always was weak and disappointing. Now now, this is just me, okay? There may be some people that love that kind of writing, but it just gets on my nerves.
So, other than the legacy, which is never defined, you don't find out about who the heck the 'Brotherhood' is or their role in this legacy. There is a recurring nightmare that the twins keep having where there is a raven... okay, this part is explained a bit, but about half way through the book, all of the sudden there is a wolf that makes it's presence in the dreams... just coming out of no where. You want to talk about annoying?
I have no idea how the book ends and probably will never find out. Unless you've read this book and can convince me to finish reading it, I think I'll just let it fall to the bottom of my list of books on the Kindle main menu.
Now remember, before you start sending me nasty emails saying that I'm being mean here, I want to say again that this is in now way meant to be a professional review. I just happen to have tried to read the book and didn't like it. I do not write professionally and I know that my own writing has so many flaws in it that any professional writer would know to not take my stuff seriously. :-) :-) But I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have read this book. Maybe you can even tell me what the heck finally happens! :-) :-)

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