Monday, March 26, 2007

How do you like?

Okay, I've been thinking of trying the self publishing route for this little crochet project. For anyone that has never crocheted with wire, this is the ideal project. It's easy and quick, and most people can complete it in an afternoon. :-)

I taught this class at a conference for the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) called Chain Link i 2003. It just happened to fall on the afternoon before the big banquet, and so many of my students came running up to me as we were going in to show me thier new little necklace bag and matching bracelet.

There are a few things I need to take into consideration for this little project. Do I want to invest in beads and wire to make this as kits? Because if I ask a yarn shop to carry this in their shop, and they don't have the materials for an interested customer would need, then my pattern may not sell, will it? This is something that I need to seriously consider because the initial investment may be more than I want... plus I need to make sure that it will even be profitable for me.

Well, it's just an idea that I've been playing with. Who knows, I may do nothing with it and just try to teach it again for the CGOA.

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