Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paranormal? Kinda....

When I first read the description of this book, it sounded like an interesting ghost story.  I like ghost stories - especially if they spook me out.  :-)

I just read Loss: A Paranormal Thriller by Glen Krisch.  I was hoping to have more to this book than there was, but oh well... can't have it all.  I think the ending could have been explained a little better, but I'll get to that a bit later.

So, this supposed "ghost story" story start off with Angelie and her husband getting into a car accident after a family party.  Of course it's evening, and of course it's snowing - if the story would have taken place in an area that doesn't snow, I would have expected rain instead.  :-)

Angelie's husband, Paul, dies in the accident and "Ang" is left to deal with his loss on her own.  Even though Paul had three other brothers, they all had their own families and I guess since their mother didn't like her, they didn't really bother keeping an eye out for her.

Which takes me off on my first (of possibly many) tangents.  Now, I know that it's having this messed up family that makes the story work, but how sad is that.  Angie's brother in law and his girlfriend take her home from the hospital after suffering so many injuries of her own and leave her alone that night!  What the heck were they thinking!  She was in the hospital for three weeks and they think that she could just start taking care of herself that easily?  It was their brother that died, so out of respect for him I would have thought that they would have felt more responsible for making sure his widow was okay.

Instead, Ang decided to start numbing herself with vicodin and alcohol and spent months in a stupor as she tried to get over the death of her husband.  Instead of taking care of her - who wouldn't notice that she was harming herself! - they started to visit less and less often.  The only thing that kept Ang from totally killing herself was this ghost that she kept imagining... at least she thought she was imagining it - and what comforted her was that this ghostly figment of her imagination looked just like her Paul.

I don't know if it was the way it was written or something else that was going through my mind at the time, but the first third of the book kind of spooked me out!  I don't say that often!  I like watching spooky movies, not bloody hack-slash type of movies, but spooky.  Of course, the last time I got spooked by one of these movies was... oh what was it?  Blair Witch I think?  That was a while ago. 

As short as this book was, I really did enjoy it.  Yeah, it was a bit sad and I know that I mentioned before that I'm tired of sad books, but this one was different.  It wasn't about a stupid teenager that had an unhealthy obsession with her boyfriend, or a fat chick that couldn't see the beautiful person that she was... Ang had lost her husband and I'm sure that there are many windows that spend a few days/weeks/months in a depression.  Of course, not everyone would take it as far as Angie did with alcohol and drugs, but I'm sure that it passes many of their minds.  I can't and don't want to imagine myself in the same situation, but I'm sure that there are a few ladies out there that can relate.

I kind of wish that the ending would have gone on a bit more.  Ang does get to see her husband's ghost at the end, but then it jumps to a year later and she's still talking to her husband.  What???  Just as the story started becoming the ghost story that I thought it was going to be, the story ends!  The writer could have extended this part of the story just a bit more.  Not sure exactly how at this exact moment, but I'm sure I could come up with an idea or two.  :-)

I see that this writer has a few books at Amazon and I'm really curious to read more - but I'm such a penny pincher that I wouldn't want to pay $2.99 for a short story length like this book was.  I'll have to look into it because I did like his writing.  :-)

So, what's next?  Another sad story?  I have no idea.  I may pick up an actual book next, or just choose another random book from the Kindle.  With Rent playing in the back ground, a crazy dog rubbing her back all over the carpet with her paws in the air and writing about what I like doing - reading - I guess it really doesn't matter much.  Life is good and comfie.  :-)

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