Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Zen Queen

Give me a book and the world feels complete.  :-)  Can you tell that I love to read?  The only reason I don't read all day long is because I have to go to work and spend at least a little bit of time with my family.  :-)

Okay, so I just finished Zen Queen by Kristy McManus.  It's your typical romance comedy that doesn't really have all that much exciting or original stuff about it except that it takes place in Japan.  The basic story is the same, but it does have some parts that are cute.

I don't want to put the whole book down, because it was an entertaining book.  It's just the type of book that I feel like I've read a couple hundred times before.  The writing is good and the characters are funny.  The writer knows how to write comedy pretty well so that all of the disasters happening to the main character, Jessica, sound funny when they could have been amazingly depressing if written in a different tone.

So, we start off with Jessica, who finds herself on a job assignment in Japan and somehow gets fired, deserted and homeless.  Yeah, yeah... i know, it all sounds quite depressing.  But believe me when I tell you that it does come across as funny.  :-)  Jess ends up living with a Japanese family then gets a job teaching English at a school with all of these other ex-pats because she doesn't have enough money to fly herself back home.

A good part of the story is how Jess meets her new friends and I did enjoy reading her descriptions of the different places that they went and some of her shopping adventures.  I actually liked Jess - she just sounded to adorably cute, even though she was a magnet for bad luck.  But as the book goes on, Jess does end up turning things around.

Sorry that this is such a short write up, but there really isn't all that much to tell about this book.  It's not fantastic, but it was a nice quick read.  This is the type of book you take with you to the side of the pool to sit in the sun for a spell.  I'm either getting really fast at reading or this was a really short book, but if I didn't have to go to work, I'm sure I could have read this book in one day.  :-)

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