Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal

Okay, so this was a book that was recommended to me a little while ago for a good mystery - The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal by Lilian Jackson Braun.  Apparently, this is only 1 book of a whole series of mystery novels that start with "The Cat Who....".  I downloaded the audio book and finished listening to it this afternoon.

This book was really cute.  I didn't care for the reader very much, but that is just personal preference for me... I find it more soothing to have an audio book read by a female than have a male reader.  I know, I know... I'm being silly about it, but I just think there are some female readers who do guy voices better than male readers that do female voices.  It's just me, I know... nothing against the reader, he did a fine job, but I think I would have preferred a female reader.  :-)

The story itself was really cute.  Of course my favorite characters were the spoiled rotten cats that ate better in one week than I have in my whole lifetime!  Can you imagine getting lobster tail as dinner on a regular basis?  I've only had lobster tail once!!!  But these cats were really cute and way smart - I'd almost want to say a little too smart, but I've know some crazy cats that almost can predict the future or read people so well that I had learned to trust the cats instincts over my own.  :-)  :-)

I can't wait to read a few more books of this series.  Since the library only had one audio book (and since I wasn't too crazy over listening to it anyway), I know that I'll have to put the other books on hold.  :-)

It's been a long time since I've really read mysteries.  But I think this was a good re-introduction to the genre with it's fun story and characters.  I love how the cats owner, Qwilleran, had the nervous habit of stroking his moustache while he was thinking.  :-)  I've seen my own husband do that a few times and loved how that little quirk was written into the character.  :-)  :-)

The overall skeleton of the story was just like a typical mystery - someone dies and the characters try to figure out what happened, and I was able to pretty much guess the ending about half way through the book.  I know that it bothers some people to be able to guess the ending too easily (well, it was obvious to me, but that's just me), but I found it to be a lot of fun to see if I was right.  :-)  :-)  But guessing the story was not the point of this book for me.  I fell in love with those crazy cats so much that I just wanted to see what other antics they were up to.  I have a feeling that it may be the case for any other book that I read in this series as well - I just love those cats!  :-)

So, thanks to my friend, who I call Kitty Kat, that suggested this series for me.  She knows that I love cats just as much as she does and I can see her attraction to this series - because I have a feeling that I loved this book for the same reason - those spoiled rotten cats.  :-)  :-)

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