Friday, June 10, 2011

Lisa Kleypas: Capitol Theatre Series

I didn't realist how old these books were when I downloaded them to my ipod to listen to them from the library.  The first one of the series, Somewhere I'll find you, was published in 1996.  Now, it's really not that old of a book, but I've just gotten used to reading stuff from much newer authors or much newer books.  :-) 

I've read some of Lisa Kleypas' books before and found them a bit entertaining.  It's your usual basic plot with boy meeting girl and they fall in love at the end.  What I find entertaining is that you have the usual stuff going on where at least one of the characters has some kind of tragic history about them with the other being some kind of band-aid to their healing.  Also common in this series is the whole "oh, he doesn't love me but I won't tell him that I love him..." kind of bull.  Yeah, I find that kind of annoying, but the writers talent in writing this so well that it's not as annoying as it could be.  :-)

Because I listened to these books on audio book, it could have been more to do with the talent of the reader, Rosalyn Landor.  Her voice is really quiet and soothing.  Though almost all of her characters sound very familiar to each other, they are still different enough that they can be told apart.  It's either that of the fact that the book was written so well.  :-)

What I also liked about this series and this writer is that the books are not always so serious.  I think some of these romance writers that I choose to not blog about try too hard to make their stories too serious, hoping to make their readers swoon with the uber romance in the stories.  Bleh!  No, not for me.  I like the bit of humor that this writer puts into her stories - actually, I like that when any writer puts a bit of humor into their stories.  It makes the characters a little more realistic to me.  It gives them a bit of humanity that so many forget to weave into their characters.  Well, Lisa Kleypas does this well with the characters in this series.  It's not a comedy at all, but you may find yourself relating to the characters more than you think.  :-)

The fact that this series is considered a historical romance is not really the reason that I liked it.  It really didn't teach me about history or the "human" aspect of what life would have been like during the time of the story.  There is more story here than history, which sometimes is a disappointment, but if I wanted historical fiction, I'd go and look for titles in that section instead of romance.  :-)  :-)  ...and believe me, I've read my fair share of both.  :-)

I don't have much else to say about this series, which is kind of strange because unless I'm really putting a writer up on a pedestal or beating them down, I don't have much to say in between.  Meh... oh well, maybe I'm just feeling a little tired today.  :-)  :-)

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