Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saying Goodbye to the Sun

I just finished reading Saying Goodbye to the Sun by David McAfee.  It was one of your typical vampire books with some guy getting turned from human to vampire by a girl that he really liked.

I had a hard time reading this book - not because it was written bad or the story was bad, but it was just a little slow for me.  I found out this morning in the "About the Author" part of the book that this is David McAfee's first book.  He also admitted that he's not really a writer either.  If this was his first attempt, then I'm pretty impressed.  The story had a nice flow to it - something that I usually haven't seen from other first time writers.  This is one of my pet peeves while reading... sometimes the story jumps around without any explanation or a half attempt to patch up that break in the story.  I'm used to seeing this from first time authors in certain romance novels which is why I stay away from that whole Harlequin-type of romance book line.

So, there is good and bad about this book.  You have a decent story and impressive writing, but I can't really pin point what exactly give me a hard time in picking up this book and finishing it in a couple days like I usually do.  Maybe I'm just getting tired of vampire stories?  That can be the case because I haven't been downloading any more vampire or paranormal type of free books from Amazon for a few weeks now.  But if you're into vampire stories, this may be one that you'd like.  :-)

The e-book also has a good size portion of his next book.  I didn't read it and probably won't.  I think i need to give myself a break on the paranormal stuff for a while and just read what my brain feels like reading right now.

I really wish I could have been in a better mood while reading this book.  I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't write better stuff about it.  I'm saving the author's name so I can look up his books at a later date - if his first book was this well written, his next books should be much better with practice.  This is definitely a writer to keep an eye out for.  :-)

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