Thursday, February 5, 2009

More undiscovered shops!

These adorable little dogs are from Paperquick on Etsy. These would be so perfect for scrapbooking!!! I thought of my son when I saw them and seriously thought about getting them - but then I remembered... I don't do scrapbooking!!! At least not yet. I see all kinds of goodies on Etsy and items like this really makes me think about it. :-) :-)

Not only does Paperquick have adorable scrapbooking goodies like this, but she has such an incredible selection of cards! Looking for thank you cards for a baby shower? She has cards that look like baby bottles!!! :-) Oh, everything is so cute and adorable in this shop that I know you'll enjoy just browsing... like I was doing for about 20 minutes before I started writing this post. :-) :-) :-) Here is her link:

Now this shop shows so much talent in all areas it makes me jealous! The earrings pictures above are from Wireknot and not only does she have beautiful jewelry, but she has some awesome paintings as well! :-) I know how to make some jewelry, but I can't even paint a room without messing up! :-) I'm impressed with the wire work on the jewelry... because working with wire is hard on the hands... and to top that off, it's hammered to give the flat shape. That's even harder on the hands. No wonder Wireknot also paints! She needs something else to do that won't kill her hands! :-) :-) :-)

Wireknot has items in all price categories and taking into consideration the kind of work that goes into making some of these pieces, they seem reasonably priced to me. Fall in love with an item and help this shop make her first sale. Here is her link:

I'll have more shops soon! I've been getting some awesome requests lately from others that have very low or no sales that would like to be featured.... so I've been busy! :-) :-) If there is a way I can help anyone I'll happily do it... and featuring other shops that are in the same situation that I'm in is my humble way of doing what I can.

Enjoy the shops!


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