Saturday, February 21, 2009

Undiscovered shop

This beauty is from the Magical Beadstalk Etsy shop. Isn't it beautiful? It's made entirely of amethyst and Bali silver. The clasp is sterling. I just love it!

I've been working so much with purples lately that I've fallen in love with the color. It's so complex and not so easy to match - so when I see a bracelet like this, with perfectly matching stones, I really have to give the designer credit. Awesome job Magical Bead! :-) :-)

What really made this bracelet stand out - even when I thought it was made of onyx or some kind of black bead instead of amethyst, was the little Bali silver spacers in between. I love those little daisy spacers and try to use it on a lot of my own creations.

You really need to check out this shop. It doesn't have too much but the few items she has in there are just breath taking. :-)

Please consider supporting a shop with little or no sales. These shops can really use the encouragement! :-) I know that I did! :-)

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