Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Contest update and Undiscovered Shop


Just wanted to keep you all updated on the contest so far. I've had one sale so far... which means 4 more to go to pull a name for the free bracelet. :-) :-) So keep getting the word out that bead crochet is not dead and win a free bracelet! :-) :-)

I just found the most adorable little shop on Etsy! The picture above is "little girl reading book" and it's hand crafted completely of polymer. Isa17d, the person who created this little beauty, describes the time intensive process in the description - and I have to admit that I'm quite impressed! It take true talent to make something this adorable. :-) Just like the other shops that I've mentioned on my blog, this shop is still waiting for it's first sale. I hope that my little blog here will make a bit of a difference. :-) Here is a link to the shop:


I've been working on some new creations lately so I haven't been able to twitter, blog or do much of anything really, but I hope that once I get some of these new beauties photographed and up that I will see some new activity in my shop. :-) :-)

If you're a shop with very little or no sales and would like to be featured, please post a comment or send me an email: pinka_m@yahoo.com

Take care!


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