Thursday, February 12, 2009

My new creation

So here she is... finally! At last! This baby has taken what seems like forever and a half and three quarters to complete... I started this baby sometime last year - in the summer? - but don't know exactly when. I purchased the beads to match the awesome colors in the Tiger Jasper bead that I found.

This necklace was definitely a labor of love... I had started it when my arm was feeling okay, not great, but okay. See, I was in so much pain back then that I could hardly do any type of crochet at all. I was making little bracelets which were easier on my hands so I had to put this aside.

About three months ago I found out that our health insurance would cover chiropractic services (yippee!) so I started visiting one... and many torturous sessions later, I started to feel a little better. I tried to play with other types of crochet to see how much
I could handle, and started adding more and more techniques each day. :-) :-) There was still a lot that I couldn't do, but this necklace was just sitting there - teasing me every time I looked at my unfinished box, just begging to be completed.
So a couple weeks ago I finally sat down and did what I could do pain free... I started to string what I needed of the beads to complete the rope. I think I strung about 10 feet worth. :-) No pain! :-) :-) I then took out my crochet hook and joined the threads to continue where I had left off. A bit of discomfort, but no pain! :-) :-) I was so excited that first day I actually worked on this for almost 30 minutes... then just because I have to, I put it down to not kill myself.

I woke up the next day sore, but not in pain, so I decided to let my hands and arm rest for the next couple of days - which actually turned into a week. Then on Tuesday I finally finished off the rope! I was so excited! I only had a few inches left to crochet and I had actually done it! :-) :-)
I ran across the street to the bead shop and got a couple bead caps, spacers and two of the most perfect red beads that tied the whole thing together. This is my necklace... my Russian loop bead crochet necklace that took me longer to make than any other jewelry item I've started. I keep getting asked if I'm going to sell it on my Etsy shop... I really don't know... I can really use the money, but who is really going to want to pay the $200 price tag that I'll put on it? I calculated that this baby took about 12 hours to make... and the formula of taking a multiple of the supply costs should be the selling price. No, not here. I'd rather keep it than not get paid what this items is really worth.
I keep running to so many people that work for hours on their items that they sell for just pennies above their supplies cost. It makes me sad that they don't value their own time.... but that's for another post....
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Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

You've been tagged. I have nominated you for a Lemonade award. See my blog for details. You are an inspiration...!

Ruth Ann said...

Pinka, in addition to the cost of your supplies, you should pay yourself $20 per hour. This seems to be the going rate amoung craftsmen. It's not enough, I know, but it does help out. said...

very very pretty..
mona & the girls