Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bead Crochet

I was in a chat room in Etsy a few days ago hoping to find a trade of a bracelet or two for some basic necessity items like soap or shampoo. Since I want to support the crafting and handmade community as much as possible and I can't really afford these kind of luxuries right now, I really wanted to give a few of my bracelets to someone that would appreciate it and give it a good home. :-)

Well, what ended up happening was some negotiating for bead crochet lessons for soap and making a custom bracelet for some yarn. :-) :-) I'm very pleased with the outcome, but it still does not give my babies a new home. But I just think it's funny how instead of reducing my ever growing inventory of bracelets, I end up teaching others how to make their own. :-) :-)

So here I am continuing to work hard to promote these little bracelets with hopes that someone will appreciate their value and buy one (or two or more!) :-) :-) But I'm finding that more and more people want to learn to make their own. So should I try to concentrate on teaching instead? I've taught a few people to bead crochet through email before so I know I can do it, but really... how much would a person be willing to pay for an on-line bead crochet lesson?

Any thoughts or ideas? :-)


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Brittany said...

Your bracelets look great. I saw some done with pearls and couldn't figure out how they were done.