Thursday, January 1, 2009

New item posted on Etsy

I posted another Javanese face bead necklace on Etsy today!

Here is the link:

It's really cute because this little guy has a face on each side! So this necklace does not really have a 'wrong side'. :-) :-) No matter how you put on the necklace, he will always be facing the outside. :-) :-)

I decided to make the necklace with pleather - the fake leather - not only to keep costs down to make this little treasure more affordable, but pleather seems to wear a little longer than regular leather. At least in my experience, I've always had leather necklaces get brittle and break or kind of crumble apart after a little while. This is especially true if you wear the necklace during the summer when it's warm....

Even if this little guy falls apart with normal wear, I will replace the pleather with more pleather or real leather if you prefer. :-) :-)

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