Monday, January 26, 2009

Undiscovered shop!

Aren't these little earrings adorable? I loved them when I first saw them! :-) These little beauties belong to Paige's Beaded Designs - Unique Jewelry and Accessories for Teens. If these are meant for teens, I don't know how they would feel to see an old person like me wearing them instead! I really would wear these too! :-) :-)

Here is where you can find Paige's Beaded Designs on Artfire:

She only has a few items up in her shop right now but they are super cute!

Oh my goodness! I love to look for and look at all kinds of amulet bags. This came up on my search on Artfire tonight. This is called Native American Maiden Amulet/Spirit/Medicine Bag and was made with glass seed beads and lined with deer skin. If anything, this is worth to look at! The seller, Forbesfarm, has all kinds of neat stuff in her shop and I'm really impressed! She has a really nice price range and an awesome selection. Here is her shop so you can check it out yourself:

So there are my two undiscovered shops this time around. If you're a seller that has had very little or no sales at all (like myself) and would like to be featured here, please let me know! You can post a comment here, send me an email or look for me on Etsy or Artfire. :-) :-)

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