Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do you want to win a bracelet?

Okay, so here it is. I need to get my little bracelets out to new homes and I really hope that this contest will get this going. :-) :-) I want to make a bracelet in the winner's choice of colors. :-)

I need your help to get the word out that bead crochet is not dead! Bead crochet is beautiful, fun and a heck of a lot less expensive than diamonds! :-) :-) If any of you know me personally, you will know that bragging about my work is very out of character, but I do think my bracelets are pretty and are worth the price I've given them. I want to find people that agree with me and want to take one (or more) home. :-)

So, here are the details...

I have 15 bracelets currently for sale on Etsy right now and 10 more that I haven't posted yet. I want to sell these bracelets! :-) :-) For every 5 bracelets that find their way to new homes, I'll make a custom bracelet for a lucky winner. Here is how you can qualify:

Post a comment or send me an email - whatever you feel like doing - and let me know that you are getting the word out! Post about bead crochet (and maybe a link to my Etsy or Artfire shops) on your blogs, Twitter, write across your forehead or whatever feels right to you to let people know that crochet - especially bead crochet - is alive and kicking! :-) I've been told that bead crochet is dead, I have to prove that these people are wrong. I've been asked to sell my bracelets for below my material cost, but I think they're worth more!

So send me your name and email address and for every 5 bracelets sold, I'll pull a name out for a custom bracelet. Let me know how you're getting the word out. Did you post to a Yahoo group? Which one? :-) Did you blog about it? Send me the link. :-) :-)

This contest will go on for another month and will end on February 28th, 2009. One free bracelet per person - sorry that you can't win twice. I'll email winner as each 5th bracelet is sold to ask for color preferences. I can only work with what I can afford so please no super expensive bead requests like sterling silver, karate gold, natural stone or crystal beads. I will do my best to work with what you would like for your bracelet. :-)

Let's get going! :-)



Rose said...

i'm going to blog about this on my weblog... it's not on here, but i will put a posting on my site on blogger too... my other site is if you are interested in headin over there ;o)~

Rose said...

i posted a blog about your bracelets ;o)~

Kim - said...

Hey Pinka, check out my blog.

Dawn Rhodes said...

Absolutely gorgeous! As a fellow bead worker and jewelry designer I can truly appreciate the work you do! Beautiful pieces of artwork. I shared your blog with my bead group the I help moderate as an inspiration piece for the winter blues! It was a hit! It would be an honor to wear one of these gorgeous creations! ;-) Best of luck and I hope you sell a ton!!

jazziesjunque said...

I am going to put it on the 'goig' thread that I chat on everyday and when I get my blog back up (I accidently deleted it - grrrrrrrrrr). I am on twitter and will mention it there too. I will think of more.

I'll convo you my name and address.

Stacie Brown said...

Hi fellow UWIB member.
Your bracelets are beautiful! I just posted on Twitter about your etsy shop and your contest. I am now following you on twitter as

Sara at Soap Rehab said...

I tweeted it, too :)

jd said...

hi pinka,
beautiful bracelets! would love to have one. i've blogged about you on my blog. please check it out.
jd in st louis

Deb said...

Pinka, I would LOVE to have one of your bracelets and posted about them with links at I'm also going to talk about them and provide a link on facebook.

One thing I noticed when checking out your Etsy and Artfire sites is that many of your bracelets use base metal end caps. If you can get an affordable supply of silver end caps (like the beautiful Bali silver caps on at least one of your bracelets), I think this could help. Just my personal opinion, but I think the base metal detracts from the beauty of your work.

Sure hope this contest helps your sales! I'm one who would gladly pay for lessons to learn how to do this, but don't know if I could do it via email or online or would need hands-on help :-)